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Chris Pico. Kauai Lifeguard on Water Safety 

Chris Pico, Kauai County Lifeguard, has a thing or two to say about water safety. Sitting in the lifeguard stand at the Hanalei Pavilion, Chris sees visitors and residents alike setting themselves up for a rough time.  His 10 years of lifeguard experience both on Kauai and San Diego, and his natural desire to contribute, enable Chris to offer himself as a speaker on water safety, he offers free advice in the schools, to groups and whoever will listen.
Ironically, Chris drowned when he was a baby, found at the bottom of his grandparents pool, blue and no longer breathing.

Chris Pico
Chris Pico on the job

Chris Pico Water Safety Rule #1 
The best place to swim is in front of a lifeguard stand.  If you choose to enter the water on a secluded beach, no matter how good a swimmer you are, you are making what may be a fatal mistake.

Water Safety Rule #2
Never turn your back on the water, not even for a photograph.  Most people who get in trouble never intended to go in. 
Water Safety Rule #3 
If in doubt, don't go out.  Swimming in front of the strong currents sign is a bad idea, even for a strong, experienced swimmer.
Water Safety Rule #4
Don't panic. Try to look at it as your own tread-water tour of Kauai.  You will eventually be rescued or get pushed ashore.
Chris' other interests include hunting and running the Na Pali Trail.  Chris points out that there's a brotherhood feeling among the firemen and lifeguards on Kauai, as in other places.  Working under trying conditions, you sometimes have to trust your partner with your life, your chances in a rescue are only as good as the guy your working with.

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