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Once The Hanalei Bridge is crossed, the north shore driver enters a realm of one-way bridges.  Seven bridges must be crossed to arrive at "the end of the road".  Both sides of each bridge have yield signs.  This challenging situation has lead to a stringent bridge etiquette being developed to maintain harmony in the community.  Certain rules apply regardless, but in some instances, it's a judgment call.  

For the most part, the vehicle first on the scene has the right away.  That means that if you pull up behind a line of five cars which are making their way across the bridge, but two cars have just arrived opposite and waiting on the other side of the bridge, you should yield and let those two cars across before you go.  

A heated debate continues over whether or not to "go with the flow" and just let all the cars on one side go until there are no more, and then all the cars on the opposite side go.  Unfortunately this often leads to cars racing to be part of the line making it's way across, which can be quite irritating for the driver of the vehicle waiting on the other side.  

Crossing bridges in Hanalei can be nerve wracking and in extreme cases has lead to folks sudden departure from the island.  However, even the Malahini can master the etiquette of bridge crossing with some sound advice and a little practice.  Here are some points to take into consideration...

 - If the vehicle opposite is a big truck full of  loudly barking dogs - YIELD.

 - If the vehicle opposite is a big black truck with tinted windshields - You should yield.

 - If the vehicle opposite is a big truck of any kind, consider yielding.

 - If the vehicle opposite is a red, white, brown or blue late model compact it's safe to make your way across the bridge.

 - If you have hesitated an instant, you have lost and must yield.

It's always considered good form to wave in passing to any vehicle which you have just snuffed by racing to beat it across.
In closing, if you find that you have made a judgment mistake and hear loud shouting from the opposite vehicle as you pass, lock all doors and make you way quickly to a public place.  Good Luck and remember, when in doubt, YIELD.

Hanalei Bridge

The Hanalei Bridge, built in 1912, and recently refurbished, is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Wainiha Bridge
   The Wainiha Bridge above, is especially tricky for beginners.  It's really two bridges with a very small area in between complicated by the added factor of valley residents pulling into traffic from that area. Tip: Treat this as one bridge.

Fall Down Bridge

The Fall Down Bridge, at the west end of Hanalei Bay retains the scars left by a tsunami which struck Kauai in 1957.
Waioli Stream Bridge
The Waioli Stream bridge is a great place for new comers to practice.

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