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   Hawaiian Surfing Federation Contest 2/16/2002


HSF event # 4 takes place at Kealia ...
Masaijah Lani with another sick move that won him the Men's Division.
Want to see more?  Click Here to watch a short video of Masaijah at a spot that shall remain nameless. You need Quicktime to view, download now for free. It takes a little time to load the first time, but hey, it was a long wave!!!
Bear Bailey                   Kana Kirkpatrick

Menehune Final
Kalani and Alex Smith in the Menehune Final.  Babu won it, Alex took third.

    NSSA Ratings
    HSF Ratings

Ryan Moribe's outstanding body boarding won him 1st place in Men's and Juniors Body Boards.
   Ryan Moribe

Bethany Hamilton
The grace of Bethany Hamilton won her second in the Menehune and Girls Divisions.

Open Men
1. Masaijah Lani*
2. Kyle Calloway
3. Paul Franzen
4. Hoku Ho'okano
5. Chris Satterfield
6. Zack Arreola*

1. Ashley Fagersted
2. Bethany Hamilton*
3. Alana Blanchard* 
4. Lyra Drouin*
5. Adriana Mendivil
6. Doni O'Connell
The Results * Hanalei Surf Team Member
1. Kalani Martin*
2. Bethany Hamilton*
3. Alex Smith*
4. Tyler Newton
5. Bear Bailey*
6. Levi Yunwijah*
1. Chris Eniem*
2. Kyle Ramey
3. Clay Posner
4. Kalani Martin*
5. Casey Satterfield
6. Teva Dexter*
1. Zack Arreola*
2. Drew Irons*
3. Kyle Calloway
4. Hoku Hookano
5. Kana Kirkpatrick*
6. Kyle Ramey
Boys Body Board
1. Cory Mira
2. Jeremy Ferguson
3. David Philips
4. Travis Smith
5. Noah Murray
6. Nicholas Murray

Jr. Body Board
1. Ryan Moribe
2. Sean Allen
3. Phillip Pembroke
4. Piper Luellen
5. Matthew Murray
6. Maui Givens

Zack Gilbert and J. D. Irons
Zack Gilbert and J.D. Irons with a board that paid the price for going right. Rocks in the shallows put some dings on boards and surfers.  

Sr. Body Board
1. Ryan Moribe
2. Jacob Pembrook
3. Maui Givens
4. Casildo Quiroz
5. Sean Allen  
6. Kyle Forker
Drop Knee
. Casildo Quiroz
2. Matthew Murray
3. Jeremy Ferguson
4. K. Fernandez
5. Cory Mira
6. David Phillips
Sean and Maui
Maui Givens and Sean Allen  in the Juniors.


Nager & Danielle

For more information about the Hawaii Surfing Federation and upcoming events, contact Nelson @ 338-1952
Adrianna Waiting for the starting horn... Nager and Danielle enjoying the scene.

Nelson, our leader.

Drew Irons, upholding the family name, 2nd in the Juniors.
Chris Eniem, a tough competitor, 1st in the Boys.

Zack Arreola
Zack Arreola , 1st in Jrs, 6th in Mens.

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