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   Hawaiian Surfing Federation Contest 3/16-3/23/2002


HSF event # 5 at Pine Trees took 2 weeks to complete after the beautiful morning of March 16th suddenly turned sour with wind gust up to 40 knots that blew the tents away.  The next weekend many competitors were off to Oahu for the NSSA Regionals.   Dylan Melamed Shreds!

Alana Blanchard
Alana Blanchard won the last heat before the contest was called off, but the results didn't count when the heats resumed a week later.
Thanks to Karlos for the great action shots and video. Dylan Melamed got 2nd in the Menehune.
Click Here to view a short video of Dylan. Download QuickTime for FREE.
Kalani Martin
Kalani Martin ruled again, winning the Menehune and Boys.  He also placed 4th in the Juniors Division.

Boys Final
Kainoa, Clay, Chris, Kalani and Tanner waiting for the signal in the Boys Division Final.

Open Men
1. Miguel Martinez
2. Kana Kirkpatrick*
3. Paul Franzen
4. Chris Satterfield
5. Russell Lewis
6. Kyle Calloway

1. Kristen Steiner*
2. Erika Steiner*
3. Adriana Mendivil
4. Alana Blanchard* 
5. Lyra Drouin*
6. Rachel Parker
The Results * Hanalei Surf Team Member
1. Kalani Martin*
2. Dylan Malamed*
3. Bear Bailey*
4. Tyler Newton
5. Bethany Hamilton*
6. Alex Smith*
1. Kalani Martin*
2. Tanner Haytin*
3. Clay Posner
4. Cody Iddings*
5. Kainoa Kuwabara*
6. Spencer Regan
1. Chris Satterfield
2. Miguel Martinez
3. Kyle Calloway
4. Kalani Martin*
5. Hoku Ho'okano
Boys Body Board
1. Jeremy Ferguson
2. Cory Mira
3. Makai Ferry
4. Jason Obe Smith
5. David Philips 
6. Noah Murray

Jr. Body Board
1. Ryan Moribe
2. Phillip Pembroke
3. Kyle Forker
4. Piper Luellen
5. Matthew Murray
6. Adam Bice

Sr. Body Board
1. Jacob Pembrook
2. Casildo Quiroz
3. Kyle Forker
4. Ryan Moribe
5. Kainoa Lum 

Nelson Guys

The Steiner Girls

Sarah, Nelson and Charlie    

Kristen and Erika Steiner, 1st and 2nd in the Girls 17 & under.

Cchris Satterfield

Tommee and Friend Vince

Girls Longboard
1. Tommee Giltner
2. Kristen Steiner*
3. Lyra Drouin*
4. Erika Steiner*
5. Vanessa Martinez*
  Chris Satterfield          Tommee & Vince       Adrianna & Shaye

Drop Knee
. Casildo Quiroz
2. Cory Mira
3. David Phillips
4. Jeremy Ferguson
5. Matthew Murray 

Pine Trees Parking Lot Scene

Koa Smith

For more information about the Hawaii Surfing Federation and upcoming events, contact Nelson @ 338-1952
Ever wonder how many Hanalei man/hours have been spent in the Pine Trees parking lot ?  Koa Smith, the menehuniest of them all, in the barrel. 

Kristen Steiner


Kristen Steiner     Two pals. Will we see these guys in the Menehune Division soon?

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