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The 7th Annual Irons Brothers Pine Trees Surf Classic took place on April 5th at Pine Trees and three-time World Champ Andy Irons and Bruce Irons (Eddie Aikau Champ and Volcom team rider) made sure all the kids got stoked! Tons of prizes, airline tickets, brand new Traktor surfboards, what a huge way for the Irons Brothers and their family to give back to the community! 


The Menehunes, watch out for these guys!
Menehunes   6 - 8
1. Elijah Aldrete
2. Kin Goldman
3. Keoni Steiner
4. Kainehe Hunt
5. Cole Estrella
6. Elijah Fox
Girls 9 - 10 
Mainei Kinimaka
2. Frankie Harrer
3. Camilla Vernon
4. Coral Vernon
Anaia Christersen
Mokihana Mahuiki
Boys 9 10
1. Chance Olanalan
2. Niko Traubman
3. Titus Langridge
Hunter Cabral
5. Jackson McCoullough
6. Saber Fairbanks
Girls 11 12
1. Bailey Nagey
2. Maluhia Kinimaka
3. Kiana Fores
4. Abby Rae Stine
5. Shiana Weiss
6. Jennifer Leon
Boys 11 12
1. Kalen Galtes
2. Jake Langridge
3. Christian Potter
4. Teak Owen
Kaimana Kinimaka
6. I
ona Lo'i

Jake Langridge, huge in the critical sections

Mainei Kinimaka, wins it again...

Just grab rail and hold on!

Titus Langridge, this is why he got 3rd!

The Girls 11 & 12 Finalists

The Boys 9 & 10 Finalists

Abie Rae cutback

This little guy's ripping, is it hereditary?

Christian Potter big off the top!

The older kids in the Nixon Photo Booth

Maluhia Kinimaka all grace & power

Luke McCullough showing his powerful style

The current was strong, but so were the push-ins.

Stylish bottom turn

Setting up the backside snap

11 boards were given to the lucky kids!!

Kalen Galtes won the Boys 11 & 12

Kin Goldman 2nd in the Menehune

Kaimana Kinimaka

Kiana Fores
Coral Vernon Chance Olanalan

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