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   25th Annual Pine Trees Longboard Classic

Not the most perfect conditions this year for everyone's favorite event, but the 25th Annual Pinetrees Longboard Classic on April 26th lived up to it's tradition of providing a great weekend of community and remembering.  2003's contest was dedicated to two wonderful friends who passed on, Percy Kinimaka and Thomas "Peewey" Giltner.  

With the addition of the Vintage Board Category, surfers had the choice of 5 REALLY old boards dusted off from under the house, which many thought leveled the field in a special way.

Kristen Steiner
Kristen Steiner, style princess...   
Nikki Bockwinkle

Bobo Ham Young, often a winner and always the King of Sportsmanship. Nikki Bockwinkle took 1st in the womens division after a five year layoff.  Can you guess why? The first Vintage Board Heat left to right:  Tris Imboden, Jim Carney, Mike Smith, Chad Listman & Titus Kinimaka.
Titus got the Winning Contest Nose Ride.  
Joi Bonaparte
Mark Angel and Jeff Webber. Notice the shorter style boardshorts...  Vic "the barber" De Anda and Bob Scottland, after Na Kapana, a heat for 60 & over surfers.  AMAZING. Oxygen tanks were provided.
     Mystery Rider ducking...
Mini Menehune
1. Dylan Melamed
2. Kristen Steiner
3. Erika Steiner
4. Camille Brady
5. Savannah Marvin
6. Alex Smith
Girls 17 and Under
1. Bethany Hamilton
2. Mia Melamed
3. Haley Ham Young
4. Tommee Giltner
5. Jackie Brady
6. Alana Blanchard
Boys 17 and Under
1. Ian Ham Young
2. Job Ishiki
3. Kekoa Hermosura
4. J.D. Irons
5. Cody Iddings
6. Quinn Filtzer
Junior Women 
1. Lauren Taylor
2. Koral McCarthy
3. Brandy Filtzer
4. Heather Cornell
5. Lindsay McGill
6. Leah Sausen
Junior Men 
1. Gavin Kenneley
2. Keola Wong
3. Daniel Pa
4. Kanaloa Hermosura
5. Kaleo Lopez
6. Stephen McCarthy  
1. Nikki Bockwinkle
2. Liz Gonzales
3. Nicole Carreira
4. Annie Olanolan
5. Carol Arreola
6. Patty Irons
1. Eddie Acierto
2. Mark Michetti
3. Aaron Fowler
4. Dennis Williams
5. Ian  Vernon
6. Brando Watson
Men's Masters 
1. Bobby Cocke
2. Al Carriera
3. Joe Lopez
4. Clyde Rodgers
5. Titus Kinimaka
6. Holt Blanchard

Legends 50 and Over
1. Ronald Lopez
2. Keith Campbell
3. Mike Smith
4. Russ Arzadon
5. Garrick Lopez
6. Peter Pope

1. Koral McCarthy
2. Titus Kinimaka
3. Mark Michetti
4. Gavin Kennely
5. Eddie Acierto
6. Mike Smith

Na Kapuna
1. Brian Davis
2. Bob Scottland
3. Vic DeAnda
4. Bill Irons

This year Louise Sausen (left) outdid herself planning the event, even providing an awesome awards banquet with ono food.  Above, the Men's Division Winners, Aaron Fowler, Eddie Acierto, Ian Vernon, Mark Michetti and Dennis Williams.

Wendell and Annie Olanolan. Annie had her usual great performance, taking 4th in the Womens.

The Legends Garrick Lopez and Russ Arzadon. Consistently these two guys rank in the top 6 when it comes to the Pinetrees Classic.
Not only do our lifeguards  work together, surf in one heat together, they even eat together. Chris Pico, Gavin Kenneley, Jody Simpson and Kristen Foster. Gavin won the Jr. Mens

Haley Ham Young checking in with Charlie at the tent. Titi Giltner and Brandy Filtzer after the Jr. Womens.   


Kristen Steiner displays the grace which earned her 2nd place in the Menehune. Ian Ham Young milking it for 1st place in the Boys. Top Tris Imboden rips it up and below...Who can identify this Surfer Girl? 
The beautiful awards banquet hula dancers. Dylan Melamed, proud winner of the Menehune Division. Who is this guy???

    And who is this guy? The Return of Riddle Jenifer Lindsey, Jackie Brady, Alana Blanchard 
and Bethany Hamilton in a tough Girl's heat.
Board Shapers

Shapers Marc Sausen and Ian Vernon discussing the fine points with Al Carreira and Mitch Haynie. Leah Sausen, banquet hula star and 6th place in the Junior Womens. Mel Pu'u and Koral McCarthey catch up on old Makaha times while Papa Sau and WilDog argue   and Masters winner Bobby Cocke keeps things rolling.

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