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   30th Annual Pine Trees Longboard Classic 2007

It's that time of year again! Time for one of the longest running surf contests in the world! On April 26th and 27th, 2008,  the 30th Annual Pine Trees Longboard Classic continued the tradition, and Kauai surfers young and old showed up ready to take on the good surf that Pine Trees had on offer. 

The usual suspects were in evidence in the final heats and everyone put on a great display, whether it was their first Pine Trees Classic or their 30th.

Joel Guy
Joel Guy hanging five

Makana Job Ishiki

Makana Munoz 3rd in the Juniors

Job Ishiki

Ruth Ichikawa
Ruth Ichikawa

Kaneloa Hermosura
Kanaloa on the nose

Liko & Jeff McBride


Liko handstands and dad Jeff takes off in the Ohana Div.


What are Erika & Vanessa doing?

Louise Sausen contest director and hula kumu extraordinaire

Russell Lewis

Christian Potter

Russell Lewis stylishly cutting back


Christian Potter killing it in his Ohana heat

12 and Under
1. Tatiana Weston-Webb
2. Christian Potter
3. Liko Mc Bride
4. Natalia Smith
5. Lucas Anguo
6. Colby Sargent
Girls 13 to 17
1. Erika Steiner
2. Nage Melamed
3. Shelby Cocke
4. Anabelle Marvin
5. Vanessa Martinez
6. Jasmin Morris
Boys 13 to 17
1. Dylan Melamed
2. Makoa Carreira
3. Bryce Baker
4. Bryson Morrow
5. Josh Lindstet
6. Britt Sanders
Juniors (Men 18-24)
1. Job Ishiki
2. Nathan Rex
3. Makana Munoz
4. Kekoa Hermosura
5. Zane Fitzer
6. Britt Sanders
Junior Men 25 to 34
1. Aamion Goodwin
2. Keo McBride
3. Kaneloa Hermosura
4. Scooter
5. Stefen McCarthy
6. Kaleo Kaden
Junior Women 18 to 34
1. Mia Melamed
2. Leah Sausen
3. Lauren Taylor
4. Virginia Fatardo
Men 35 to 44
1. Marc Machetti
2. Richard Patey
3. Joel Guy
4. Ian Vernon
5. Dennis Williams
6. Justin Douglas
Mens Masters 45 to 54
1. Bobby Cocke
2. Austin Owen
3. Joe Lopez
4. Les Tabuchi
5. Russell Lewis
6. Martin Kramer

Legends 55 +
1. Mike Smith
2. Mike Young
3. Garrik Lopez
4. Craig Balmores
5. Mark Angell
6. Abraham Huddy

1. Garrett & Joe Lopez
2. Erika Steiner &
   Vanessa Martinez
3. Lianna & Richard
4. Leah & Mark Sausen

5. Coral & Ian Vernon
6. Chad Listman & Al

Women 35 +
1. Hiroyo Baker
2. Joanne Pinney
3. Ruth Ichikawa
4. Caradine Coburn
5. Nikki Bockwinkle
6. Marla Stephens

Mahalos go out to all the businesses and members of the community who contributed to the prizes, trophies, T-shirts and to all the time and effort to put this all together. 

Mark Machetti

 Mark Machetti


Natalia Smith
Natalia Smith

Tom Grindle

Liko McBride

Kiana Fores
Kiana Fores


Caradine Coburn
Caradine negotiates a tough drop


The Tahitian Dancers

The Crew  

Tahitian Hula Girls provided entertaiment 

Those who make it happen: Back L to R, Chris, Andy, Urielle, Darlene, Toy, Sherry, Beau. Front Charlie, Kristine and Mr. Heat Sheets, Wildog

Ohana Finalists

The Menehune: Tati, Potter, Liko, Natalia, Lucas & Colby

Austin Owen

Coral Vernon 

Is Austin claiming????

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