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This Website was shut down for 2 years.  After Bethany's shark attack, our website which came up first for Bethany Hamilton in Google, exceeded it's limit.  Needless to say after that sad event, we didn't have the heart to continue. But Bethany came back, and now we're back and this is how you can access the pages from before the website went down.

The Surfers  Main surfers page
Surf Team 2002 & 2003 Hanalei Surf Co Surf Team members, accomplishments
2002 Contests 
      HSF 1/2002 Results and photos of the 1/12/2002 event at Pine Trees
      HSF 2/2002 Results and photos of the 2/16/2002 event at Kealia Beach
      HSF 3/2002 Results and photos of the March event at Pine Trees
      NSSA #9 The Results of NSSA at Pine Trees
      Roxy Surf Jam The Roxy Surf Jam Girls Contest, Hanalei, Kauai
      Volcom Results and photos of the 3/30/2002 event at Pine Trees
      2002 Longboard Classic Our favorite event! See the legends come out of hiding
2003 Contests
     2003 Longboard Classic 2003 legends rip!!
     Quiksilver/Roxy Grom   May 2003 Event for the 12 & under crowd
     Logo Stuff Support this site! Buy our logo stuff online
     Backdoor The Backdoor Store, Hanalei
     Hanalei Surf Co. The Hanalei Surf Company Store
     Progressive Expressions The Poipu Store
     Water Sports Rentals Our watersport rentals located in 3 stores. Rates.
     Surf Coaching Wonder why Hanalei kids rip so hard? Right Here...
     Surf Swap Meet The monthly Watersports Swap Meet
       The Soul of Hanalei About our North Shore community
       Hanalei Beaches See photos and descriptions of beaches
       Hanalei Bridges Inform yourself about established one lane bridge etiquette
       The People of Hanalei Some interesting people
Chris Pico on Water Safety Kauai Lifeguard Chris Pico's Water Safety Tips
Charlie's Weather Want to find out all about Hawaiian weather? This is the place.
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